Which digital photography tips are you looking for?

It has happened to us all – the perfect motive turned to be just an ordinary photo.

You think of buying a new digital camera, but are confused by all the different brands.

Do you need a new camera?

Yes, a new camera might help solving the “problem”, but it is no guaranty for better pictures.

Like in all professions, having the right tools help doing the job easier, faster and better, but without knowing how to use your tools you don’t succeed.

You can certainly improve the quality of your pictures by learning digital photography – even with your existing camera.

Learning the hard way

I am an amateur photographer having learned the hard way – by my self. I bought my first digital camera (believe it or not, with 0,5 megabit resolution) in 1996 after having shot 35 mm film and slides for more than 20 years. I must admit digital was a big turn in my photography career.

Over the years I have tried most photography techniques, but I have a special passion for photography of animals, and specially cats.

I am also traveling a lot so I am very found of travel and landscape photography.

Earlier I used to develop my own films and copy the pictures in the darkroom. The “darkroom” nowadays – Photoshop or similar – have made the “darkroom work” much easier and even more fun.

On these pages I want to share my knowledge with you.

Among the topics covered are:

As you can see digital photography tips online covers everything you need to know to shoot better pictures you can be proud of, and share with friends and others. Please explore the pages and enjoy.