Your digital camera buying guide – know what to look for before deciding on your new camera

Looking for a digital camera buying guide? Learn how to choose the best digital camera for your needs?

So, what should you look for when deciding on which digital camera to buy?

Film versus digital photography

Why you should buy digital camera?

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If you have been using a film camera you know perfectly the cost of development is quite expensive. And due to that fact you might be a little reluctant to shoot more than one frame. With digital the time where you kept two summer holidays and one Christmas on a 36 frame roll of film, is definitely over. When you have bought a memory card for your camera it can be used over and over again with no additional cost. That’s really nice.

After I bought my first digital camera the number of photos increased dramatically because of “the very cheap film”. You will probably experience the same. So one of the challenges in digital photography is to organize and backup your photos.

Another big advantage with digital is you can view your shot immediately. If the shot happen to be mistaken of some reason, you find out on the spot and you can re-shoot. Well… of course if your motive is still there. Sometimes you only get one chance.

Other important advantages in digital photography

  • Easy to share your photos with friends and others
  • Easy to print your own photos
  • Taking the photos a step further by using editing software of different kind
  • Changing ISO setting in the middle of a shooting
  • Photos containing meta data (exif)

I will not be surprised if you have spent lot of time (like me) reading camera reviews and camera comparisons just to make sure you buy the perfect camera. You maybe decide to wait because something new is just to be launched. I know exactly how it is – you want the best and the state of the art. In digital photography unfortunately you will not have the best or newest technology for long. The development in this field goes very fast. The only advice is – buy now, and get going with your new camera.

What should you consider before making your choice?

Your budget of course is important
Everything is dependent on how serious photographer you are and how much money you are willing to spend on the camera.

Size and weight
If weight or size is important for you a compact camera should be your choice. If you are more like a point and shoot photographer, bringing the camera along for birthdays, celebration and other gatherings with friends and family you might consider a smaller ultra compact digital camera.

Automatic or manual exposure controls
The more you learn about photography the more freedom you want when it comes to the ability of controlling the focus, shutter and aperture manually. When your photo skills improve you will soon be feeling locked when everything is automatic and the camera is controlling you.

Focal range (type of lens)
Be aware the limited wide angel possibilities of many of the lower range compact cameras. When shooting in-house a wide angel lens is very convenient. Many compact digital cameras have fairly good zooms. Don’t be fooled by the digital vs. optic zoom ranges when reading the camera specifications. If close up photography is important for you, check the cameras macro possibilities.

Resolution and megapixels
Don’t let the megapixels alone decide your camera choice.

Kitten, high key photo

Image stabilization
Is a useful feature found in many new cameras. Image stabilization can either be implemented in the camera itself or in lenses for DSLR.

I have made a digital camera buying guide which list all the features you should look for when you are looking for your new camera.

Where to buy your digital camera?

In your local store or Web shops, Read more here

If your budget is limited buying used or refurbished digital camera is an option

What digital camera should you buy?

Basically you have two choices - a compact digital camera or a digital SLR camera. Both these options have their obvious advantages and disadvantages. At the end only you can decide what the best digital camera for your needs is. The digital camera buying guide should have given you some points to look after before you decide.

Summary – Digital camera buying guide

In my opinion the most important before buying a digital camera, is to define your needs. If you start browsing around on the web or reading magazines you will soon find there are as many different cameras as there are opinions on most of them. Many reviewers are digging deep into the technical aspect and do look at the pictures with magnifying glasses to tell the differences in quality. If you have not already have a look at the digital camera buying guide list and decide on your important points. The first obvious decision will be – acompact or a DSLR .