Photography techniques and ideas you might not have thougth about

Are you looking for new photographic ideas?

Learn different photography techniques and start creating stunning images. Within most professions there are many different specialties and each specialty requires different skills. The same apply to photography where you can specialize in the one that interest you the most. Very few photographers cover a broad range specialties.

Colored houses
Colorful house in Cape Town South Africa

What kind of images do you shoot?

To be good and stand out from the crowd you need to practice. Practice takes time and nobody can be an expert in everything. Another important reason very few photographers cover all specialties is the need of equipment. A bird photographer will have to invest in fast telephoto lenses while a landscape photographer often use wide angel lenses. A studio photographer will need strobes and other lighting equipment.

Whatever photography techniques you want to do, there are three very important elements you need to control:

  • Equipment - how to take control of your camera and lenses

  • Light - how to take control of the available light and how to add extra light

  • Subject - how to handle the subject and get the most out of the actual situation

Each of these techniques requires different approaches when it comes to shutter speed, aperture, lighting and composition. To get the most out of your photography it is vital you learn how your camera is working.

You can shoot in different auto modes, but as soon you take control of the camera you will immediately see the quality of your images improves. Finally and maybe most important is not to forget to use your LCD screen or viewfinder and compose images.

How to photograph... ?

The How to articles on this page will give you valuable tips on how you can shoot the best images with the different techniques. New articles will be added regularly so please check back for updates.